How do I manage CALPADS Fall 2 data in PowerSchool? (Step 2 of 3 – Staff)

Complete Staff Data Entry Into PowerSchool

By now, you should have a list of all of the staff members that are to be reported through CALPADS.  If not, please return to the article in Step 1 here. If so, let’s continue!

Staff data can be broadly categorized into four types:

  1. Staff Ethnicity/Race (All staff)
  2. Core Staff Demographics (All staff)
  3. Staff Assignments (All staff)
  4. Highly Qualified Teacher Competency (Teachers Only)*  NO LONGER USED for the 2016-17 School Year.  Watch for updates based on new ESSA Guidelines.

STEP 2a:  Staff Ethnicity/Race (All staff)

First, from the home page you must select your staff member that you wish to check/update:

20140113 1233 Capture

Once a staff member is selected, click on “Information on the left side of the page:

20140113 1237 Capture

Click on the correct answers to the questions of the staff member’s Ethnicity and Race and submit.  (ALL OTHER FIELDS CAN BE IGNORED FOR NOW)

20140113 1240 Capture

STEP 2b:  Core Staff Demographics (All staff)

Near the bottom of the Staff Information Page, you will find an option for “CALPADS Staff Demographics” under “CALPADS and CBEDS-ORA Information.”  Click this.

20140113 1244 Capture

On this page, you will be prompted to complete the following information.

20140113 1247 Capture

  • If teaching at Multiple Schools, is this the Primary School?
    • In most cases, “Does Not Apply”
  • School Full-Time Equivalency
    • Leave blank for 100%.  If you have a part time staff, you can define that correct percentage in the Staff Assignments and not in this particular field.
  • Exclude from State Reporting
    • Should be set to “No”
  • SEID
    • This number is issued by the CTC (  Each school should have access to the database that will allow the school to lookup the SEID number using the staff member’s Social Security Number.  The web address to lookup this number is and you can request a User ID and Password by sending an e-mail to the CTC Information Services Unit at
    • For a teacher of Non-NCLB Core Courses(which also does not require them to be “Highly Qualified”), a SEID of 9999999999 can be used.  This may be the case for:
      • Non-certificated charter school teachers
      • New teachers who have not been issued a SEID
  • Local Staff ID*
    • You can ignore this field
  • Legal Name
    • Required, Middle Initial not required
  • Alias/Formal Name
    • Optional
  • Date of Birth
    • Required
  • Gender
    • Required
  • Highest Degree Code
    • Required
  • Employment Status
    • Required.  For charter schools, this is most likely set to “(4)Other”
  • Employment Start Date
    • Required.  This is the start date for the school.  Therefore, it can exist for previous years.
  • Employment End Date
    • Required only if a staff member has left.
  • Total Years in this LEA
    • Required.  This field should be incrementally increased every year.
  • Total Years of Educational Service
    • Required.  This field should be incrementally increased every year.

STEP 2c:  Staff Assignments (All staff)

Go back to the Staff Information Page.  Near the bottom of the Staff Information Page, you will find an option for “CALPADS Staff Demographics” under “CALPADS and CBEDS-ORA Information.”  Click this.

20140113 1556 Capture

Click on “New.”  If an existing Staff Assignment exists that is open, it is a best practice to put an end date of the day after the last day of the previous year and create a new entry with a new start/end date for this year.  This will make it easier to exit all staff at the end of the year so that staff that does not return after each year do not need to be manually maintained.

20140113 1559 Capture

Using the excel sheet that was created from Step 1, populate the staff assignment information and submit.

20140113 1604 Capture

If successful, your new Staff Assignment should now display!  For Staff that have Non Classroom Based Job Assignments, you are finished with the staff information.  For teachers, proceed to step 2d below.

20140113 1608 Capture

STEP 2d:  Highly Qualified Teacher Competancy (Teachers Only) – No longer necessary in 2016-17 Reporting Year.  Watch for updates based on the new ESSA requirements.

In this section, we need to identify the Content Area Competency Category for each of the teachers.  If they teach a section, they need a code.  The choices are from the following and may require input from the teachers or school leadership.

  • A – Exam Option
    • An educator has demonstrated subject matter competence on the basis of passing a Commission on Teacher Credenitaling (CTC)-approved examination in the NCLB core academic subject area
  • B – Coursework
    • An educator has demonstrated subject matter competence by completion of a Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) approved subject matter program, completion of a major equivalent (32 non-remedial semester units in a particular discipline from an accredited institution of higher education), or a graduate degree in the NCLB core academic subject area.
  • C – National Board Certification
    • An educator has demonstrated subject matter competence by obtaining National Board Certification in the NCLB core academic subject area.
  • D – HOUSSE
    • An educator has demonstrated subject matter competence by completion of the California High Objective Uniform State Standard of Evaluation (HOUSSE), which consists of an assessment of qualifications and experience.
  • G – VPSS Option
    • An educator teaching in a special setting has demonstrated subject matter competence in mathematics, science, social science, and/or English through the Verification Process for Special Settings (VPSS).
  • N – Not Highly Qualified
    • An educator has not met the criteria to be designated as highly qualified to teach one or more NCLB core content areas.

Once you have determined the Highly qualified Teacher Competancy Level, return to the Start Page and select “Teacher Schedules” from the Functions Section.

20140114 0932 Capture

Select a teacher and you will be presented with a list of all of the course sections.  Click on the Section Number which will take you to the Edit Section Page.

20140114 0940 Capture

Once on the Edit Section Page, you will have a lot of options.  We are only looking for one field entitled “Highly Qualified Teacher Competency Code”.  It is here that you can make the selection of Teacher Competency and click “Submit”.

20140122 1545 Capture

Tip:  Some Administrators have reported that sometimes you have to scroll to the right to see the Submit button on certain screens so do not panic if you only see a “Delete Section” button.  Simply scroll to the right!

You will need to do this for EVERY section and teacher that was active on Census Day.

In Step 3, we will review how to enter scheduling and course section information for staff and students into PowerSchool.

You can proceed to Step 3 here.

Updated on September 5, 2018

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