How do I create a Class Roster in PowerTeacher Pro gradebook?

There are many uses for the Student Roster report in PowerTeacher Pro!!!

  • Daily or Weekly Attendance Roster for Substitutes
  • Weekly Attendance Roster (paper copy) for Teachers
  • Birthday Lists
  • Emergency Contact lists
  • the list of options is endless.

So, how do we create them?  Let’s start here.

Step 1:  Login to Gradebook/PT Pro

Step 2:  Select Reports > Student Roster

Step 3: Select Report Criteria

  • Classes: Select which classes you wish to run this report
  • Sort Options: What order do you want to display the list?
    • By Last name?
    • By First name?
    • By Birthday?
    • By Student Number?
    • By Grade Level?
  • Display Options: What do you want to include in the report?
    • For an attendance roster, add 5 blank columns and name them Monday-Friday or May 1, May 2, May 3…
    • Otherwise, choose from the column options

Step 4: Select Students to include (on Students tab)

  • Depending upon the type of roster you are creating, you may want to limit the number of students on the roster (small group work, reading groups, etc.). Add/Remove students as needed using the checkboxes.

Step 5:  Select Format

  • Landscape vs. Portrait
  • Output: PDF or Excel spreadsheet
  • Include “Top Note” (aka Header) or “Bottom Note” (aka Footer)
  • Include Signature Line (checkbox to include). Recommended for Substitute attendance rosters!

Step 6:  Run Report

Have fun and play with the options in these reports!  Modify criteria or formatting until you are happy. Running the report will simply print to an electronic file first (pdf or Excel).

Step 7:  Save Electronically or Print

  • Save on your computer for future reference or run on demand as students enter or leave.  Note: Your settings will be kept as a default based upon how you last ran the report.


Create a Student Roster at the beginning of each term (or month) for: substitutes, emergency contact information/emergency folder updates, or to make notes during the day for presentations or other group work, or even logging behavior to include in PowerTeacher at a later time.

Updated on April 28, 2023
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